Sean J Klassen

Hello, my name is Sean. I’m a designer and musician based in Vermont. On weekdays I work as a Creative Director, directing and managing designers and writers on a 40+ person multi-disciplinary team at Instrument. Together, we help our clients improve their brand and products, communicate philanthropic initiatives, and explore strategic opportunities for the future.
         I also care deeply about mentorship. I designed Instrument’s first company-wide internship program and a recurring community outreach program with public schools in Portland, OR.
Previously, I co-founded Legwork, a creative studio inspired by the DIY spirit of bands like Fugazi. There I led the creation of progressive marketing websites for brands like Google, Diesel, and Laika Films. I also initiated brand and design systems for software as a service products in news, education, automotive, and entertainment.
          My work there received honors from places like The Webby Awards(19), FWA(30), The One Show(3), Cannes Lions(2), SXSW(3), the cover of Communication Arts, and my mom’s fridge.
I’m driven by an endless curiosity of our world and its potential. My background in sociology strengthens my understanding of people, how we think, and how our environments affect how we show up in the world — including the workplace.
          I aim to foster inclusive environments where the best ideas drive progress, not the most powerful voices in the room. And not at the expense of our health and well-being.