Hello, my name is Sean. I’m a designer and musician based in Vermont. I direct and manage designers and writers on a 30+ person multi-disciplinary team at Instrument. We help Google improve their brand and products, launch philanthropic initiatives, and identify strategic opportunities for the future. I also care deeply about mentorship. I designed Instrument’s first company-wide internship program and a recurring community outreach program with Portland public schools.
          Previously, I was a founder and led interactive design at Legwork—a bootstrapped creative studio inspired by the DIY spirit of bands like Fugazi


Google Science Fair
Reshaping a global science competition to be more approachable, accessible, and inclusive.

Beautiful Ground
Designing a typeface inspired by the tension between technology and humanity.

Using Google Maps data to uncover unique insights about the world's biggest cities.

Environmental Insights Explorer
Creating a data platform to help cities plan for the impact of climate change.